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Best Supernatural podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Supernatural podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
Get your fix of TV's favorite brothers, the Winchesters (who has been to hell and back again) via these podcasts as they hunt demons, ghosts and other supernatural beings. Listen to these podcasts to get episode recaps, spoilers, news and previews as Dean and Sam continue their journey as hunters.
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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (as well as a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.
Supernatural: The Crossroads is a fan radio show all about the hit television show 'Supernatural'.
Where Paranormal is Normal. The BEST guests worldwide interviewed by paranormal expert Patricia Baker & her co-hosts. Guests from this world...and others.
Join two literary nerds and Supernatural devotees in rewatching and (over)analyzing the show from episode one. We've got work to do! (Spoilers for seasons 1-15!) Email: theplaidcast@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theplaidcast/
Platinum Roses' Garden is your place for all things Winchester and "Supernatural"! Each week host PlatinumRoseLady goes through the latest episodes, and also does actor profiles and a lot more!
Start with episode 01. Dr. Bright provides therapy for the strange and unusual; their sessions have been recorded for research purposes. Visit www.thebrightsessions.com for more information and additional content. Created by Lauren Shippen
Supernatural fan Kristen is introducing newbies, Christine and Jen, to the Supernatural fandom. They'll break down every episode from beginning to end, discuss the overarching themes, and rank every episode all while staying 100% spoiler free! We've got work to do.
Ride or die is the result of a series of poor choices that's led to this: an episode-by-episode examination of Supernatural, hosted by Waldorph and Pru. Join us each week on our death march through the CW cult classic -- and remember, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole.
Supernatural Podcast Show that will cover the Mythology and Lore and Creatures of the tv show Supernatural currently airing on the CW. Not a review show, more education. We will be covering ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, and all manner of creatures that go bump in the night.Your Hosts are Dr.Chris and Kat
From the newest episode to literary analysis, and fandom feels, every week Sally Headrick and Kira Metcalfe discuss their feelings and thoughts about CW's "Supernatural".
Monsters Among Us Podcast is a call in show about the unexplained, cryptozoology and the paranormal. Witnesses of bigfoot, sasquatch, ufo's, ghosts and many more call in to share their experiences and encounters.
Miami Ghost Chronicles' Stories of the Supernatural features interesting stories and interviews in all fields of the paranormal and the unexplained.
Our Afterbuzz TV hosts Lyndsey Wegner (@LyndseyWegner@twitter) and Cherry Davis (Cherry_LA @Twitter) have been fansof the series from the first episode. They are excited to talk withour SPN Family and guests every Thursday at 10:10 PM PT afternew episodes on the CW. Join us every week on the Supernatural AfterBuzz TV After Show Podcast to laugh, cry, and mourn with all of you as we say goodbye to the series that feels like family.
Paranormal, Fandom, Hot topic comedy show that has raunchy humor and skeptical insights all in one place.
A podcast that explores the unknown, the unexplained, the mysterious, the unsolved and the just plain strange. Bizarre crimes, disappearing people, odd creatures, creepy phenomena, it's all here. We won't solve every mystery, but we'll try to separate truth from fiction and let you decide.
The Grave Talks is the weekly paranormal interview show hosted by Tony Brueski from the wildly popular Real Ghost Stories Online podcast. The podcast hosts new guests each week who share their haunting experiences with ghosts and the spirit world. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Please be sure to subscribe to our weekly paranormal interview show "The Grave Ta ...
Join Aliss as she presents regular podcasts to help you live 'the normal supernatural Christian life'.
Tales of supernatural suspense by Soren Narnia. Music by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com, unless otherwise noted. These stories are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, meaning that anyone is free to adapt them as they see fit, even for profit, without the obligation to compensate the author. Email: songofsadbirds@aol.com. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sorennarnia Also by Soren Narnia: the podcast 'Those Snowy Nights You Read to Me, They'll Never B ...
Join me on a journy into the origins of the unknown. Every legend, every beast, and every myth has it's beginnings, and it's time we take a look into the Ominous Origins of our mysterious history. . For inquiries or comments, you can contact horrorshotspodcast@gmail.com
This Podcast features the real paranormal experiences from people like yourself! And we provide engaging interviews with Mediums, Psychics, Authors, Investigators and much more! We explore into the realm of Demonic Activity, Shadow People, Possession, Cursed Objects, Haunted Houses and much more! Packed with content and with very little "filler". Aaron Hunter hosts the show and was a complete skeptic until he experienced his own paranormal event in 2010. Now he brings people's own experience ...
Each week on television, Sid Roth investigates and reports on people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles, and personal encounters with God. At the end of each program, Sid tells viewers how they can achieve imtimacy with the living God.
Real life ghost stories is a podcast dedicated to real life paranormal experiences. We discuss hauntings, ghosts, death, aliens, psychology, skeptics and everything in between. In each episode we review our favourite (and least favourite) paranormal shows and movies. Email us your stories at: reallifeghoststoriespodcast@gmail.com Why not support us on patreon: patreon.com/reallifeghoststories
Stay current with Basil and Gonz from Canary Cry Radio as they tackle the hard hitting and face palming news of the week!
Welcome to Strange Country, a podcast devoted to bizarre, surreal and extraordinary stories that make America the weird place it is. Co-hosts Kelly and Beth are former newspaper reporters turned school librarians who have always had a soft spot for a good story--the stranger the better. Discover the first woman to survive a barrel ride over Niagara Falls and the man who invented “complex marriage” in one of the most successful utopian experiments. Things get weird pretty quickly around here.
Think Outside the Cage!
Fangirlin' is a Supernatural podcast where we review and rave about anything and everything Supernatural related. From fanfiction to fandom discourse to episode reviews we will cover just about everything, as well as a few other minor obsessions we both can't help talking about.
A podcast about the paranormal, the credibility of the creepy, and the science of the spooky, Superduperstitious is a podcast that looks at the mysterious world of the paranormal and says, "Wait. What?" Hosts Wyatt Shell and Jake Withee use their science backgrounds to tease apart possible explanations for bizarre, supernatural, and otherwise strange phenomena.
The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast is the ONLY paranormal/supernatural podcast that dares to bring listeners into actual haunted/hexed/alien-visited locations. We regularly put ourselves in harms way to bring our listeners spooky content. Have a listen...you won't be disappointed!
This is the podcast that accompanies the folklore blog of fantasy and Gothic horror writer, Icy Sedgwick.
The Metaphysical Connection: An exploration into the realms of unexplained phenomenon, the supernatural, and paranormal.
Our mandate is revival and our focus is that every believer is equipped and transformed to contend for the Kingdom of God.
Ghosts In The Night is a podcast dedicated to exploring the paranormal and sharing your ghostly experiences. Sharing our experiences will help solve the mystery behind this phenomenon. If you want to share your paranormal experiences, send us an email at ghostsinthenightpodcast@gmail.com Plus we will share evidence from our investigations, so be sure to subscribe and get involved in the conversation.
Ghoul on Ghoul is a supernatural sex-positive horror comedy podcast featuring first person encounters with the paranormal. Every week, hosts Sarah and Amanda discuss gloriously ghoulish topics like ghosts, true crime, cryptids, cursed places, and other creepy cool things. They also interview friends and notable figures about their own experiences with the supernatural, make tons of dirty jokes, and review paranormal pop culture.
Winchester Radio is the podcast for winchesterbros.com. We discuss the CW television show Supernatural and we frequently have Supernatural cast and crew join us for our discussions.
Haunted Talks is the official podcast of Haunted Walks Inc., best known for walking tours of Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. Each episode features unique conversations with experts in the fields of the paranormal, dark history, tourism, science....or really anything we think would make for a great discussion. Come join us!
SkyWatchTV is a new paradigm in Christian broadcasting, examining topics that most churches and Christian media prefer not to discuss. Ghosts, demons, giants, UFOs, spiritual warfare, conspiracies--topics that drive Christians to look outside the church for answers.Featuring longtime broadcaster Derek Gilbert and bestselling authors and investigators Tom Horn, Josh Peck, Joe Ardis Horn, Donna Howell, and Sharon K. Gilbert, SkyWatchTV brings you new content five days a week: Daily news update ...
We're not parents, we're just a couple silly boys in a rock-n-roll band called Cool Parents. If you dig flawless comedy that's objectively "hysterical," this show is for you. If you want advice on how to be a mama or a pep pep, you should still listen to this show, but also see a licensed professional.
Once Upon A Scream is the unofficial Disney/Horror podcast you've been dreaming of. Join Mikey and Ben on a magical, murder-filled carpet ride through their favourite (and completely polarised) genres.
Fritz inherits a ghoulish haunted house from his late uncle, Felix. There's only one catch: he's got to stay a night in the creepy old mansion to own it. Calling over some friends to help Fritz work up the nerves to overnight it doesn't go so well, as each of his guests tell campfire-like stories complete with sound effects. If you like horror stories, scary facts, and spooky radio plays, this is your podcast!
Between Science & Fiction
The Paranormal View is a very relaxed, round table style talk show which focuses on bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and listeners with varied viewpoints. Instead of focusing strictly on ghostly phenomena, the show’s hosts, Henry Foister, Geoffrey Gould, Barbara Duncan,and Kat Klockow strive to provide listeners with topic's that cover all area's of the Paranormal. Ghosts,UFO's,Crypto,Psychics,and everything in between.Follow the fun off-the-air at http://www.theParanormalView.com
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If you’re already a Weirdo family member, please share the podcast with your friends and family on social media, email, and text to invite them to give it a listen! *** Tired of commercials interrupting your listening experience? For just $5 per month you can listen to all past, present, and future #WeirdDarkness episodes commercial-free – plus BON…
Who is the woman in blue who lingers at the Haunted Moss Beach Distillery? What would make a person continue to linger in the same 0spot for more than half a century? Paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach joins us to discuss the woman in blue who has made herself known to patrons of the Haunted Moss Beach Distillery and restaurant for decades. We h…
We're back!!! And easing into the return from our hellatus with an episode of catching up and responding to some of your emails. Thanks for waiting, we're excited to get back on the road! Leave us a rating and review! Support us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/hwytohellpodcast Send your thoughts to (908) 516-HELL (4355) or to hwytohellpodcast@gmail.c…
This week on Fangirlin', while Megan is away at BoatCon, Brandi is joined by friends of the pod Karen and Alex to discuss season 15, episode 10, The Heroes' Journey. You can contact us fangirlinpodcast@gmail.com, leave us a voicemail at 828-619-1155, or you can email us a voice recording if you're outside the US. Don't forget to follow us on Twitte…
'The Hero's Journey' Supernatural S15 E10! Sam and Dean lose god's grace and become normal human men. DJ calls his friends to find out what happened to Bess's brother. It's Fight Club Monster Style when a businessman finds an opportunity! Sam and Dean meet the cubs and get a surprise namesake or NOT! Today's After Show Was Hosted By: Lyndsey Wegner…
In this episode: People's real paranormal experiences from around the world! My daughter sees a girl in her bedroom. Is it imaginary? Alone in your home and noises erupt from the garage, but nothing is touched when you inspect! A South African village home has some odd events! A new home. A new beginning. Then it begins........ And MORE! AMAZING! R…
When John & Joyce Edmonds found the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye Arizona, they thought they had found their dream home. Instead they received the surprise of their lives when UFOs began turning up in the skies above their ranch and Aliens showed up INSIDE their home. The wild ride continues tonight with visits from Men in Black, Pleiadians, Greys, Sam…
Debi Chestnut has been a paranormal investigator for over 20 years and the author of several books. Her nonfiction are about her experiences as a psychic and ghost hunter and her fiction Include the Savannah Williams series. | Host/Narrator – Marlene Pardo Pellicer stalking_shadows_podcast.mp3File Size: 63635 kbFile Type: mp3Download File…
Welcome to The Crossroads! In this episode, the hosts breakdown and discuss Supernatural 15.9 ‘The Trap’. Pledge to our Videocast Patreon tier and you will be entered into a drawing to win the Dean Winchester Sixth Scale Figure by Quantum Mechanix. Subscribe now! PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Supernatural Anti-Possession Symbol Doormat.…
Two years of podcasting never felt so good! Thanks for sticking around for the ride. This week we talk about two boys getting mighty emotional and how time was used in "The Trap" (15x09).By Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
Topics include: - For as little as $0.17 a day, AD-FREE listening and EXCLUSIVE podcast episodes can be yours by joining our Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/supernaturaloccurrencestudiespodcast Episode begins at: 18:47 - The spider web grows! We tackle yet another heinous killer with shadowy links to something bigger! - Who is Stanley Dean Baker an…
In which we discuss hideous chairs, the inefficiency of grief, and the egregious interchanging of leprechauns and fairies. SPOILERS for seasons 1-15. We would love to hear from you! You can email us at theplaidcast@gmail.com. You can leave us an iTunes review. Or you can comment on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/theplaidcast…
Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “Supernatural” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone…. THIS WEEK’S VISIT TO THE GARDEN: GREETINGS, WINCHESTER LOVERS! I'm back in the Garden once again as we cover the fifteenth...and...final (GULP)...season of "Supernatural"! But we won't be sad...we won't we won't we won't! We s…
The first episode of 2020 Happy New Year Mel is leaving for Japan soon and I thought we take a look at the episode where Sam and Dead and GARTH fight a Japanese ghost … a SHO Jo. This was fun. Party on Garth Party on Wayne. Party On Garth Original Airdate March 30, 2012 Garth calls Sam and Dean for assistance in battling a ghost that you can only s…
Aliss Cresswell interviews Kynan Bridges. Out of a hunger to know the power of God Kynan recounts how, through a series of challenges, he came to know the God of extraordinary healing power. Check out this and more full video interviews on SpiritLifestyle.com
Patricia King says when you understand your position in God it invites the possibilities of Heaven on earth. That includes provision from the riches of Heaven. Want to know more?By Sid Roth
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