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Best Cjsr 88 5 Fm podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Cjsr 88 5 Fm podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Adamant Eve
Adamant Eve is everything women have raved, wondered or smoldered about.
Terra Informa
A weekly environmental news program covering issues from across Canada & around the world.
Word Salad
Do we speak language or does language speak us? Word Salad brings you a mix of stories about how words shape our identity. Airs the third Friday of each month on CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton.
Gaywire is a weekly program dedicated to shedding light on, and discussing the news, events and issues that affect the LGBTQ communities around the world.
All That Matters
Weekly radio show and podcast with stories about arts and culture around Alberta. We take small bites out of big questions. A production of CJSR in Edmonton.
Gone but not forgotten. CJS(Archives) travels back in time to present some of CJSR's most memorable spoken word lectures and documentaries.
The Laughing Face - Music, geekery, and fun, on CJSR, 88.5 FM in Edmonton, Alberta
Moving Radio
Moving Radio is a theater for local, Canadian, and independent cinema. Join your host Christian Zyp every Friday for entertaining interviews, film reviews, and anything else silver screen related.
Ideas abound! CJSR's Think podcast presents original thought from some of today's most prominent intellectuals about topics that get left out of the daily conversation.
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This week, we’re bringing you more of the City of Edmonton Change for Climate Talks. On October 3rd, Terra Informers Elizabeth Dowdell and Sonak Patel attended that event. On this episode, we bring you talks by Shannon LeBlanc talking about the sharing economy, Andrew Bell talking about the adoption of electric vehicles, and Connie Stacy talkin ...…
This week on Terra Informa, Charlotte Thomasson sits down with Grace Wainaina and Dalyah Mouallem with the not-for-profit Apathy is Boring. The two worked on the project GROUNDED., a portrait series shared through social media that highlights environmental injustice and resilience in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) communitie ...…
This week on Terra Informa, Matthew Danyluik and Daniel Alexander from Renewable Energy Design (RED), a student engineering group aiming to make university a greener place through developing net-zero products, talk about the inspiration for starting the group and current sustainability design projects such as a solar phone charging station sche ...…
This week on Terra Informa we listen to speakers at the City of Edmonton’s Change for Climate Talks discuss the challenges and opportunities for transformation that the climate crisis brings to our cities. Terra Informers Sonak Patel and Elizabeth Dowdell attended the event on October 3, 2019 and caught up with a few speakers after. We picked t ...…
In this episode, we watched the 2019 film Hustlers and discuss the way that sex work is depicted on screen. We invited guests Laura Kruse and Fia Friske to join Adamant Eve contributors Autumn Moronchuk, Wen Chan and Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins for our roundtable discussion.By CJSR 88.5 FM
This episode is about celebrating the great Toni Morrison. We’re featuring a panel that took place at the Garneau Theatre on September 1st after a screening of the documentary about Toni Morrison entitled the Pieces I am. The panel features Shama Rangwala, Shirley Anne Tate, Dr. Helen Frost, and Jumoke Verissimo.…
Rose-Eva interviews Hayley Muir and Kaely Cormack from the Shiverettes at the Sled Island music festival. Hayley and Kaeley talk about their new album and what it means for them to be a a feminist punk band. They also discuss their own feminist arts festival that they’re created entitled Femme Wave, and get into what the term gossip really refe ...…
Part 2 of Rose-Eva and Lisa's conversation with Lauren Groves, Alison Tunis, Michelle Kennedy and Karen Kirkpatrick about fat activism. The previous conversation has been about the way that the medical system views fat bodies and how this perpetuates a lot of harm. In this episode, the discussion starts off with the question - what are the repe ...…
In this episode, Lisa Pruden and Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins talk to Lauren Groves, Alison Tunis, Michelle Kennedy and Karen Kirkpatrick on the topic of fat activism. They explore some of the issues with the way that society views and treats folks who live in fat bodies.By CJSR 88.5 FM
This week on Terra Informa we share highlights from our annual Fundrive show, recorded live from the CSJR studio! Even though we are now post Halloween, I hope you’re not done with spooky stories because Terra Informers Sonak Patel and Charlotte Thomasson are gonna be bringing you some chills and thrills from beneath the earth - and no I’m not ...…
This week, guest contributor and former Terra Informer, Natalee Rawat, speaks with Severn over the phone about her experience in Rio 27 years ago, how to engage with our elected leaders, and her career evolution.By terrainforma
This week we talk about the roles and responsibilities of the media when it comes to reporting on the climate crisis and providing truthful information to the public about this global issue. Sean Holman, Associate Professor of journalism at Mount Royal University, and Dr. Joe Vipond, an emergency physician and Co-chair of Calgary Climate Hub, b ...…
For this week's episode, Terra Informers Sonak Patel, Carter Gorzitza, Andy Silva, and Charlotte Thomasson discuss the XR "bridge outs" and what this kind of civil disobedience means in terms of climate action.By terrainforma
This week, Terra Informer Sonak Patel sits down with Kenneth Tam to discuss the ins and outs of science communication, and nuances of working in that field. Kenneth is the communications associate for Future Energy Systems (FES) at the University of Alberta. FES is one of the largest research initiatives at the university, with 127 researchers, ...…
This week on Terra Informa, we catch up with Dr. Holli-Anne Passmore to talk about eco-anxiety and the feelings that drive the sort of collective climate action we’ve seen over the last week. After an interview with Dr. Passmore, we've got audio and interviews from the September 27 Climate Strike on the Alberta Legislature grounds.…
This week on Terra Informa, we discuss the second part of a 2 part mini-series on youth education in the climate crisis. On September 20, 2019, Youth For Climate and other climate organizers staged a “die-in” in downtown Edmonton as a start to the International Week of climate action. Listen in for some audio from the protest, as well as interv ...…
This week on Terra Informa, we're bringing you part one of a two-part series on youth and the climate crisis.By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa we discuss Edmonton’s recent declaration of a Climate Emergency and what that means for the City, then Terra Informer Sonak Patel speaks with Sarah Van Wyngaarden about her work on district heating in the environmentally sustainable, zero-emission community of Blatchford - currently under development.…
This week on Terra Informa, we talk trash! The Edmonton Compost Facility shut down on May 29, 2019 after it was discovered the roof was no longer structurally safe. As a tribute, we wanted to play a story about the facility's launch from 2009 but... it has mysteriously disappeared....So instead we revisit a story from 2017 where Terra Informers ...…
This week on Terra Informa we discuss the current wildfire devastating the Amazon rainforest and Terra Informer Elizabeth Dowdell talks to interdisciplinary researcher Cristiana Seixas about her work on socio-ecological systems and protecting the environment in Brazil.By terrainforma
Welcome to book club! This week, Terra Informers Elizabeth Dowdell and Hannah Cunningham chat about Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution by Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow.By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa we talk with OurTime and Climate Justice Edmonton organizers Stephen, Madison, and Chen about who these organizations are and what they do, experiences from the front lines of climate action, and how each one found a community to keep them going.By terrainforma
This week, we talk about the importance of resilience, or how to minimize the damage of the climate crisis. We will be providing you with some of the latest information on climate crisis and impacts. We’ll also hear from Terra Informer Sonak Patel sitting down with Nicole Bonnett to discuss her research into resilience planning on Vancouver Island.…
This week on Terra Informa we focus on the proposed climate action policies of each major federal party in the upcoming 2019 election, and speak with Stephen Buhler of Our Time, the group who organized "CBC Change the Debate" rallies across Canada just two weeks ago. We talk about the importance of climate action at the federal scale, why Canad ...…
It is no question that art holds powerful implications for how we view our surroundings, others and ourselves. In 2019 communities of Indigenous artists are coming to the cultural forefront to dispel misrepresentations of Indigenous people as well as centering and celebrating indigenous resilience, sovereignty and cultures. Terra Informers spok ...…
This week on Terra Informa, Andrea Wiebe met with Lliam Hildebrand of the Iron and Earth Organization about their work advocating for oil and gas development to incorporate more renewable energy. They discussed how oil and gas sector workers can adapt to and support the low carbon transition.By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa, we discuss solar energy, including topics such as the definition of solar, how it works, the pros and cons to solar, and who the solar power leaders are around the world.By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa Dylan Hall ventures into the world of fashion. Dylan caught up with Jess Montgomery at the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held at the University of British Columbia campus. Montgomery holds a BFA with Distinction in Art History from Concordia University, and a MA in the History and Theory […]…
All the words, all the best–and worst–words. How The Donald has changed the very language we use.By CJSR 88.5 FM
Stories about words in Spanish to describe foreigners of various stripes.By CJSR 88.5 FM
This week, Charlotte speaks with Mackenzy Albright, one of the founders of SNAQCS, a Slow Nice And Queer Cycloventure Squad based out of Victoria, British Columbia that creates a welcoming space for members of the LGBTQIA2S community who want to have fun and ride bikes! Tune in to hear Charlotte and Mackenzy share cycling stories, talk about bu ...…
Image by: Discover Magazine Blogs This week on Terra Informa, we discuss some of the world’s big problems, like climate change and antimicrobial resistance, and how the communication of information about them can either be motivating or discouraging. Download episode now. It would be understandable if you used the word ‘apocalyptic’ to describe ...…
We were so amazingly overwhelmed with bird-related content for our June 4, 2019 episode that we didn't have a chance to use all of it, so we're bringing it to you this week. This time, it's PERSONAL - that is, lots of lovely stories about why people love birds, which birds are their favourites, and wild encounters.…
Photo by: Rick Bohn This week, Charlotte Thomasson talked to resident Nature Nut, John Acorn, about local bird songs and birding stories, with audio captured by Terra Informers live in Edmonton, Alberta, near Drumheller, Alberta, and on Saturna Island in British Columbia. Download episode here Find out your bird name! Photo by Moore Laboratory ...…
This week on Terra Informa we’ll be discussing what sustainability means to urban planning and talking toolsharing with an entrepreneur interested in collaborative consumption.By terrainforma
This week at Terra Informa we deep dive into the World Wildlife Foundation report on conservation lands, hear from University of Alberta professor Rene Belland about endangered species, and visit an archive from 2010 about a public land sale known as "Potatogate".By terrainforma
This week we asked what treaty means for our relationships to land, the more-than-human, and to each other.By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa, we’re diving into the world of storytelling and literature. How can the humanities help us prepare ourselves for the environmental troubles we are facing today and into the future? What do works of fiction have to do with environmental activism?By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa, we're talking about periods. Own very own Terra Informer Sydney Karbonik recently hosted an educational event about the environmental, social and economic impact of menstrual products and what other options exist for women.By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa, our own Kesia Dias reads a self-written an open letter to Albertans about our complicated relationship with our environment, economy, and our future. We also provide a soundscape of content our Terra Informers collected at the youth climate strike that took place in Edmonton, Alberta on March 15, 2019 - sit back and ...…
Tune in to hear co-authors Elizabeth Gierl and Sofia Osborne read their feature article entitled “In the Grey”. They reflect on our relationship to oil and pose an important question - who's even buying?By terrainforma
This week on Terra Informa, we talk about the recently released Canada's Changing Climate Report, which inspired us to revisit an archive about the 2013 flooding in Calgary. We also hear Alice Major recite some poetry from her book "Welcome to the Anthropocene", and get a run-down on Alberta's upcoming 2019 election.…
APRIL FOOLS HAS STRUCK AGAIN. Tune in to Terra Informa as we travel in time. Download episode now. What would the world look like if we made drastic changes and prevented climatic warming? How would politics change, stocks, resource market trends? How are people shopping now, what is the latest tech? Take a journey with […]…
On the week's episode, York university associate professor Natasha Myers critiques 'the Anthropocene' and suggests that we radically conspire with plantsBy terrainforma
We sent our volunteers out to report on either a breaking news story OR something that fits into the category: the unseen environmentBy terrainforma
When you think of an environmentalist, what kind of person do you imagine? Does gender, race, or income influence this image? Is it all about eating organic avocado toast?Terra Informer Dylan Hall had the chance to investigate the complex and social ways we understand environmentalism and environmental practices by interviewing Dr. Emily Huddar ...…
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