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Dominion Fire Media is a Christian content creation network, based in Las Vegas, Nevada aka "Saint City." Initially formed as a healing and creative arts ministry, Dominion Fire is expanding to provide more media content, and this is the official page for Dominion Fire 360. Dominion Fire 360 is an all-encompassing program, on variety topics, featuring podcasts, original audio recordings, short-form presentations, and exclusive interviews with leaders in the area of Christian interest, divine ...
Join the Ministry of Stories on unique adventures through lands of fire and dragons. Meet greedy unicorns and pig presidents and help us hunt for missing emojis and doughnuts. Each episode features a short story written and read by children who attend writing clubs at the Ministry of Stories. Created with the generous support of Matt Hill and Penguin Random House Audio. Thanks to our funders: the Breadsticks Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council England.
We are going back to where all good conversation takes place... Fireside. As a Christian, married millennial man I'm frustrated at the lack of openness and dialogue in our media, and am tired of the predictable Christian talk about faith. Let's talk about struggle, doubt, lessons and love. Join me by the fire as I engage the ideas of the most open, honest and vulnerable folks I know.
"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth" (Isaiah 52:7). Jonathan Heng was born in Singapore. He was born again at the age of fourteen and baptized in the Holy Spirit two years later. Since then, the calling of God for ministry has been upon his life. Jonathan served in the ministry of helps and mercy in his high school days and ...
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Daryl Crouch talks about better ways to relate to those we disagree with, starting about how we talk with God about them. Political scientist Hunter Baker talks about the Human Rights Campaign call for the Biden administration to dis-accredit religiously faithful institutions of learning.]]>
Adam Holz looks at entertainment news, including offers reviews of movies "Hillbilly Elegy" and "The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland." Josh Straub, co-author of "25 Days of the Christmas Story," talks about the book to help make the Christmas story more tangible for families.]]>
Matthew Hawkins talks about how executive orders have been used by presidents and how they impact religious freedom issues. Alan Crippen of the coming Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in Philadelphia talks about the ways the Bible has impacted the founding and development of US.]]>
Peter Kapsner comments on recent research showing how our political partisanship is in part fueled by theological differences. Alisa Childers, author of "Another Gospel?" addresses the beliefs of Progressive Evangelicals and how it departs from Biblically-based theology.]]>
Ben Johnson offers analysis to a Deutsche Bank proposal to tax those who have the privilege of working at home, as well as the pending student loan cliff. Historian Derek Wilson, author of "The Mayflower Pilgrims," offers deeper contexts to understanding who the Pilgrims were.]]>
Bill English looks at ways business leaders can keep staff protected from COVID-19 while maintaining productivity and morale. Dr. Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive Ministries and author of "Iran's Great Awakening" talks about converting to Christianity and how many are Iranians are leaving Islam for Jesus.]]>…
Bruce Ashford talks about his new book "The Doctrine of Creation" and how understanding God's design guides up in how we live in the world. Mission Network News' Ruth Kramer talks about relief efforts in Central American after two hurricanes and Prayer for Muslim-background Believers Day today.]]>
Justin Giboney talks about how we need to be hold politicians and parties accountable, especially those you voted for. Author Jan Johnson talked about her Advent-Christmas devotional book "Taste and See" and the need to engage your imagination around the Biblical story.]]>
Mark Caleb Smith looks at Georgia's double Senate run-offs, the wave of conservative women elected to the House, and the future of the post-Trump GOP. Wycliffe Associates' Lori Jenkins talks about the new SUN translation of the Bible for deaf persons who can't read.]]>
Zach Jenkins provides an update on the battle against the pandemic, looks at the long-term effects of coming down with the virus, and recommendations around the holidays. Political scientist Adam Carrington talks about the post-election rhetoric, as well as Washington's Thanksgiving declaration.]]>
Peter Kapsner looks at a research on Mt. Kilimanjaro offers evidence for the famines in Egypt during the time of Joseph in the Old Testament. Musician and fiction writer Andrew Peterson celebrates the release of a hardcover set of his WingFeather Saga, as well as pandemic life.]]>
Ben Johnson looks are a situation at a midwest university were a student government tried to prevent a pro-life group from forming. Laurie and Matt Krieg, authors of "An Impossible Marriage," talks about finding reasons for a male/female marriage, not just against alternative marriages.]]>
Daryl Crouch talks about how churches have been divided by this political year and how we can heal the divisions. Political scientist Hunter Baker updates where we are in the election process and how the news media devolved in last several years and how it can move forward.]]>
Adam Carrington talks about Biden's apparent victory for presidency, what the next Congress looks like, and the Supreme Court hearing a case pitting Catholic Social Services against Philadelphia. David Aikman looks at the rise of radical Islamic violence in Europe and tensions with Turkey.]]>
Adam Holz offers reviews of recent movies and a few upcoming Christmas offerings from Netflix. He also talks about the rise of mental health playlists. Diane Latiker, author of "Kids off the Block," talks about how God lead her to help the kids in her impoverished community.]]>
Matthew Hawkins talks about an effort by students from "liberal" Oberlin College and "conservative" Spring Arbor University are meet and talk through their difference. Apologist Dan Dewitt talks about 70 years of C.S Lewis' character Aslan and talked about Lewis' caveats around national repentance.]]>…
Peter Kapsner looks are news stories about modern witches as a growing movement in America and why. Rachel Joy Welcher, author of "Talking Back to Purity Culture," looks at how sexual purity campaigns in the American Church over last few decades did accurately reflect a total Biblical sex ethic.]]>
Ben Johnson updates the election results as of this morning, looks at pro-life ballot initiatives in Louisiana and Colorado, and addresses the wisdom of the Electoral College. National Day of Prayer's Kathy Branzell talks about the need to pray for post-election healing and peace, plus honoring veterans.]]>…
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