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Best James O Neill podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best James O Neill podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Predator Hunter
Insight into everything we do as predator hunters from clothing, equipment that we designed, camo, camera equipment, reloading, custom rifles, optics, NV thermal, and passing legislation.
Pod Delusion Extra
Extra content, such as full lecture recordings and extended interviews from The Pod delusion
- The Hum -
A hum has been heard rolling over the faceless suburbia of Rothstead.Wailing and sweeping like whale-song. The locals are scared and the cats are screaming.Peter Heath has been assigned to investigate.Will he find his answer, or get lost in the mist?Sound Design - Paul FreemanWritten and Read by - James O'Neill
News, analysis and interviews from the IPA.
The Miracle Hunter
Inside The News - An inside look at politics, news and interesting people. #JHBshow
One of the longest-running books shows on Australian radio, Final Draft is a space on the air where big names of arts and culture sit cheek-by-jowl with those just beginning to make their mark. Produced in the hope of inspiring generous, open-minded reading and discussion, the show features guests and writing from around Australia and the world.Each week we serve up a mix of interviews with writers, reviews of new, classic and cult titles, readings of original work, short features and docume ...
This is a podcast relating to Irish culture particularly the youth demographic. The show is aimed at providing tools for listeners to implement in their own lives through interviewing a range of specialists in different fields.
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show series
In this podcast episode, James and Keith talk about the strategies they use to get into and make successful Predator Hunting sets.
James and Keith discuss Optics, what they use, how they use them, and why.
This Track is a brief review of last year and a preview to what 2020 holds featuring my coach and teammate.By James Morrissey
The Meat Heads James and Co-Host Keith, discuss working out.
In this episode of the #JHBshow, Julia talks to Liz Truss, the International Trade Secretary, about the upcoming December general election, post-Brexit trade deals and why she is a free market Tory. Liz Truss also explains why, as Women and Equalities Minister, she is fighting against identity policies and women being promoted simply for being ...…
In this Episode James and Keith walk you through the steps they took to get Senate Bill 58 (SB58) and House Bill 1219 (HB1219) passed. Giving Landowners and Sportsman alike more rights and options to Hunt Predators in the dark.
OPS isn't a solo effort. Without our Team members we wouldn't get the content that we do. Episode 2 is an icebreaker for a new series of Podcast's O'Neill Ops will be offering. In this episode we introduce Keith Risse, trigger puller, camera man, and stone cold killer. -Enjoy!
Julia’s guest is Matt Ridley, the science and climate change writer, who joins her to discuss the Extinction Rebellion protests over climate change and what the proposed targets to cut carbon emissions will actually mean for the lives of ordinary people. A Tory peer, Matt Ridley has been writing about science for 30 years, for the Spectator, th ...…
The first episode back . Underdog Psychosis is back new and improved and here to stay . This episode touches on some very relevant points and gives an overview of what is to come with the season .By James Morrissey
Julia’s guest is Katharine Birbalsingh, founder and headteacher of Michaela Community School, a free school in inner-city London. Katharine first hit the headlines when she bravely spoke out about failing state schools at the Tory party conference in 2010. She was forced out of her deputy head job by the “Education Blob”, leading her to set up ...…
Julia Hartley-Brewer meets author, Douglas Murray in the second episode of her new series, Inside the News. The two discuss his new book, The Madness Of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity. Douglas Murray examines the twenty-first century's most divisive issues: sexuality, gender, technology and race. He reveals the astonishing new culture wars p ...…
Julia Hartley-Brewer meets leading Brexiteer Brendan O'Neill, the editor of Spiked Online, to discuss why - 3 years after the EU referendum - we’re still no closer to getting Brexit. Brendan writes regularly for The Sun and The Spectator and is a familiar face on the BBC and Sky News. He is also a columnist for The Australian and The Big Issue.…
Julia Hartley-Brewer meets Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly. The two discuss all of the hottest topics in the political spectrum, including Boris Johnson's planned suspension of Parliament, the resignation of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and racism in politics.By Julia Hartley-Brewer
Hurler of the year Cian Lynch guests on the show , a great conversation covering a variety of topics from last years results to Limericks recent renaissance of positivity , hope and individualism .By James Morrissey
Shane Byrnes honestly details his road from addiction to the pursuit of a career in music .By James Morrissey
Kerry and Limericks professional female Warrior _Siobhan O Leary by James MorrisseyBy James Morrissey
A brave account of the road from drug induced psychosis and rehab back to normality and normal life. One for the listeners .By James Morrissey
Strength and conditioning coach Cathal O Neill details his holistic approach to coaching and life changing experiences while on psychedilic retreats .By James Morrissey
An insight into many fields regarding pro level sport and all Ireland champions of last year Limerick .By James Morrissey
Young professional fighter details his early teenage years in Limerick and what aspects of his life helped him control his environment and stay out of traps so many of us fall victim to.By James Morrissey
Young model details his pursuit of his dream and being a young black male in Ireland.By James Morrissey
Maybe of Relevance to you - Ham and J Morrissey by James MorrisseyBy James Morrissey
Roll Over Logic _ with Gary and Ham by James MorrisseyBy James Morrissey
This week James and Pete talk the IPA’s new report on how the Paris Climate Agreement will cost Australia $52 billion over 2018-2030 and the new podcast from the IPA, The Great Books of Literature (available on iTunes, Podbean and the IPA website.) We talk to Douglas Murray, Associate Editor of The Spectator Magazine and author of the new book ...…
This week James and Pete break down Jacinta Allan’s new war with Sky News, the latest unemployment figures out of the US, Alex Jones being purged off the internet, National Geographic’s apology and Antifa stopping Candace Owens from having breakfast. We talk to Brendan O’Neill about Brexit, the gap between the elites and the public in Britain, ...…
This week James nad Pete talk Coles’ backflip then backflip from the backflip on plastic bags, the latest growth figures coming out of the US, Greenpeace’s ‘sting operation’ on the UK’s Institute for Economic Affairs and just how much Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan will cost the US. We talk to IPA Research Fellow Matthew Lesh about how young p ...…
This week James and Pete talk Channel 9’s merger with Fairfax, the My Health Record fiasco, the Trump/EU trade talks, James Gunn falling victim to a right wing outrage mob and Venezuela closing in on 1,000,000% inflation. We talk to IPA Research Fellow Andrew Bushnell about his new proposal for community corrections reform which could help thou ...…
A review of the intriguing book with reference to our lives , a translation of the book to the modern youngfella or birds life in the 21st century mixed with my own thoughts. Get some, dirtballsBy James Morrissey
This week James and Pete talk Trump in Helsinki, Lauren Southern having to pay for police presence at her event, an IMF report with a big warning for Australia and what awaits you on Twitter if you’re a celebrity and think Ben Shapiro is worth following. IPA Research Fellow Gideon Rozner sits down with former NZ PM Sir Bill English to talk welf ...…
This week James and Pete talk about the stoush between the ABC and Friend of the Podcast Dr Chris Berg, the latest on Brexit, the Lauren Southern visa story and Elon Musk’s cameo in the Thai rescue operation. We talk to Steve Baxter from Channel 10’s Shark Tank about entrepreneurship in Australia, whether corporate Australia is too close to the ...…
This week James and Pete talk Tim Soutphomassane’s sit down with Fairfax, the latest scandal out of ANU, the #walkaway campaign and recap a big week for the IPA. We talk to Centre of Independent Studies Policy Analyst Charles Jacobs about the CIS’ new report into the voting habits of young people and why this generation is voting more left than ...…
This week James and Pete talk the IPA’s latest Parliamentary Research Brief on corporate tax, every single EU country failing to meet its climate change targets, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders being asked to leave Red Hill and a roundup of all the Brexit predictions that didn’t come true. We talk to Steven Globerman, Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institu ...…
This week James and Pete talk ABC privatisation and everyone losing their minds about the IPA, the CIS’ poll on millennials, Lionel Shriver and the Southern Poverty Law Centre. We talk to former Liberal Party MP Dr Peter Hendy about his new book Why Australia Slept and what areas for reform Australia must tackle (18:10-32:11). We also talk to S ...…
A look at the real incentives in the war on drugs with references to places where drugs have been legalized such as Portugal . An objective analysis of the War on Drugs . Produced By Adam Scruge Vaughan , Subscribe and share.By James Morrissey
This week James and Pete talk about the Trump/Kim summit, the dance show at a Victorian University that’s segregating its audience and recap a huge week for the IPA. We talk to IPA Campus Coordinator Renee Gorman about the Generation Liberty ‘Capitalism v Socialism’ debate at the University of Sydney, some crazy stories coming out of other Univ ...…
An analysis of the injustice in Palestine with an old friend and comrade Shane Kelly. Now Councillor for Sinn Fein here in Limerick city .By James Morrissey
This week we talk the big news about job numbers out of the US, the Ramsay Foundation story in ANU, CFMEU writing to Julie Bishop asking her to recognise the Venezuela elections, the NSW government’s crackdown on Airbnb and Kanye’s album showing supporting Trump isn’t the career killer people thought it was. We talk to the IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abre ...…
An attack on stigma , for an isolated youngfellas your not alone and can turn it around .By James Morrissey
Bumper episode this week! We talk Australian shoppers blocked from Amazon’s international site due to GST changes, Roseanne being cancelled, the Italian elections, Twitter losing its mind over the ICE photos and Trump signing a Right To Try act. We talk to Dr Chris Berg about his two new books, Against Public Broadcasting and Australia’s Red Ta ...…
A sit down with two of my best mates regarding one of societies most tabooed yet useful plants. More stoned dribble. Its all about the balance. #NatwestBalance .. Produced by Adam Scruge Vaughan .By James Morrissey
This week James and Pete talk an important new book from the Fraser Institute, whether we need a Race Discrimination Commissioner, the latest with Dr Peter Ridd and the push for gender quotas on government and corporate boards. We talk to Tom G. Palmer about his time smuggling books and photocopiers into communist countries, how he’s helping sp ...…
This week James and Pete talk the Royal Wedding (kind of), the ongoing saga of ABC cuts and Spotify’s campaign against “hateful music”. We talk to Professor Mark Bauerlein from Emory University about his recent article on the disappearance of great books from universities and how identity politics is destroying the teaching of literature (10:13 ...…
This week James and Pete recap the budget and the ABC cuts that weren’t, the near death of press freedom in Britain and the return of the citizenship scandal in federal politics. We talk to Senator James Paterson about the budget, the libertarian moment happening in the US and the secret to a politician’s high-vis vest & hard hat photoshoot (15 ...…
Talking rubber over a couple smokes , lobbbing perspectives at yeBy James Morrissey
This week James and Pete discuss next week’s federal budget, Karl Marx’s 200th Birthday and the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. We talk to Herald Sun columnist and Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt about Marx, Kanye and whether liberals and conservatives can become a Hollywood force (11:56-34:39). We also talk to IPA Research Fellow Georgina D ...…
This week James and Pete discuss the Royal Commission into the banks, Kanye West’s big week on Twitter and two free speech cases in Britain. We talk to IPA Policy Director Simon Breheny to get his views on the major stories of the week and his appearance before a Senate inquiry on corporate tax (14:10-33:11). We play a bonus clip of Professor R ...…
A sit down with Ireland's most dominant thai boxer to discuss his recent glory at YOKKOAO as well as a look into his plans for the near future.By James Morrissey
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