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The church is the Hope of the World.... but its success rests on its leaders. Richard Starling is retiring. He has spent the best years of his life reaching out to his community with the Love of God in Jesus. Lets celebrate Richard, and learn more about leadership for our own race we are running.By St Albans Baptist Church
God loves his Church, yet within church life people get offended. Every time that happens we are faced with a choice. Will we become bitter or will we forgive? They are two completely different paths....heading in different directions. Which will you choose when it happens next?By St Albans Baptist Church
God wants to use all of us to see people come to faith. It's possible,it's doable, it's an adventure. It's outside our comfort zone...yet possible. Some people are especially gifted. Kahu, a gifted evangelist is going to be sharing his story also. It is so miraculous and outside the box that you will be on the edge of your seats. This will be an ex…
The two referendum questions at this year's election will have HUGE impact upon NZ society were they to pass. They are 'hot potato' issues that we need to think about as we all will be voting if we are over 18 yrs of age! What does God say about recreational drug use?By St Albans Baptist Church
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