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So how important are the dietary guidelines? Why have grocery stores pulled back support of the dietician in store? Where do SNAP recipients need to turn for information? Many great discussions on this edition of "we the people" with Jenny Schweigert and Leah McGrath on Rural Route Radio.
Across the Pond version of Rural Route Radio as Andrew Henderson brings noted friend and dairymen from the UK Ray Brown on the air. Bidlea Farm has made a true mark in the dairy business by producing cows of true sustainability in the dairy business. Stop in with bottle and get a swig of whole milk.
While we address a tremendous number of issues to me the priority lies in the fact that while government agencies run farmers/ranchers out of business the Mother Ship is too quick to pick it up. Hammonds have once again lost their permits to graze their own private deeded property.
It has been a very long time since we had the opportunity to catch up with Celeste Settrini from Salinas, CA. We hit the highs and lows of consumer perceptions and COVID mandates. Kim Bremmer on the hand has just become an advisor to The White House.
On this Thursday "We the People" with Jenny Schweigert we invite Eric Stowalter from Michigan to discuss the ins and out of the automobile industry. Most importantly he is a cancer survivor and we need to celebrate that human success.
Selling the virtues instead of the nutrition of food, is that our future? Regardless on where you stand on the issues involving food production one must recognize the challenges farmers face to simply produce the essentials of life. (Friend Peter Hynes pictured from his dairy farm)
If you really look at the irony of the Federal Government at this time you must wonder what the real game is? Who stands to win with open borders? Additionally what do you know about the "Nebraska State Capitol, The Sower?"
Admitting that 6 months ago she was liberal but did not take everything that was being dished out. Jenin has started asking questions and has received her share of criticism about asking why are we doing things to control folks that are not based in science.
Marty is this tough ole cowboy on the outside, but on the inside he is a true Patriot that truly understands Freedom. He has just completed a 46 hour trip to Texas only to escorted out of the rodeo by the Sheriff. Although it is his trip to The Alamo that makes it all worth it.
The one silver lining of this storm we currently live in, everyone who wants to gets a better understanding of how our government really works. Combine that will Andrew Henderson viewing and chiming in from the UK, it gets really edgy and educational all at the same time.
Clearly the essentials of life are a luxury that may not come do easily in the future. This week to do a "perfect storm" the demand for electricity in The Great Plains of America exceeds the supply, as a result Rick Nelson explains rolling blackouts can be expected for the next few days.
Today a great history lesson from Hank Vogler on the mismanagement of the Wild Horse in the West. 60% of the land ranchers owned was taken for Horse Management Areas at the time and the herd has grown. Species do propagate until they can no more.
J.C. Cole grew up in New Jersey but spent 18 years in Latvia as the Soviet Union fell. What he witnessed transpiring he sees taking place right here today in the USA. Folks food production is a means of National Security.
Today a very good, open, respectful discussion about the real issues of feeding people across every walk of life. Diane Sullivan joins with Jenny Schweigert join in bringing real world experiences to the facts we deal with daily.
We tend to think that laws made 1000 miles away will never affect us, but that is wrong. When the circus is told they can not have elephants traveling with them, it is only a matter of time until pigs, sheep, goats and cattle follow suit.
The fraudulent election and fraudulent remedy to COVID-19 very emotional topics today. Must say I find the perspective of folks living outside of the U.S. and their thoughts about the Representative Republic very interesting. This program will leave you wanting to say something.
With so many elected officials talking about "Build Back Better" I question if they truly even understand where we currently are. A discussion this past weekend with Robert David Steele certainly got me to thinking about Community farms and finding the next level of improvement.
What is happening in states with a huge percentage of government land ownership is not exclusive to those states only. The erosion of your God given rights is happening Coast to Coast. Hank is just not willing to look the other way and seeks to stand up with every opportunity.
With my Thursday co-host Jenny Schweigert brings Vance Crowe to the table to have a genuine discussion about visiting with folks you don't agree with. In addition Vance gives us clear vision of bitcoin concepts the currency of the future.
We have really enjoyed and learned from Jay Truitt joining the program for the past 6 weeks. Again the silver lining in the current storm is clearly the education that folks are getting about the true story behind the U.S. Government inner workings.
Are your kids learning about the U.S. Constitution in school? In fact the real question do you know what your kids are being taught in the public school system? Marty as President of Manning School District invites you to the school board meeting.
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