Under Covers Uncut


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My name is Shabnam Amini. I believe my calling is broadcast journalism. I have worked with film through out my high school career and was also a reporter for my school’s daily news show. I love everything film and current issues related. I was raised in Dallas, TX but I hope to live in the Big Apple one day! My hopes and dreams are too work for a professional news station… or… on Saturday Night Live (not as an actor, even though that would be pretty awesome). I aspire to become some super hybrid that reflects the talents of Tina Fey, Ellen Degeneres, and Anderson Cooper with the fierce demeanor of Robin Scherbatsky (yes, I know she is a fictional character, but that dosen’t make her any less awesome). I appreciate that you took about 45 seconds out your day to read my bio, that means a lot to me!

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