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Curt Peyton Automotive Professional Resources. Shares real world experiences from automotive dealerships. Developing professional sales people. Training professional managers. Providing Marketing tools to Maximize your Market-Minimize your cost. Professional expertise in variable operations and fixed operations. Why Marketvision TM. Having trained and consulted with Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Buick and independent dealers. Mr. Peyton is a firm believer that excellence is created by habit, and not by accident. Sales Success Training Program. Curt vast background includes Director of Operations, General Manager, General Sales Manager, New Car Manager, Sales Manager, Finance and Insurance, Internet, Sales Professional. Consulting, Training, Special Event Sales. In his 25 years he has formed relationships with and worked with top industry professionals like Dave Anderson, James A. Ziegler, Mark Tewart, Jerry Plummer, and Jackie Cooper. Curt Peyton and Automotive Professional Resources offers dealerships the ability to combine cost control, revenue growth, and process improvements through effective training and motivation. Curt also has a heart for the youth and their development.

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