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Professional Athletes call him the B2B Guru. ‘Back to Basics’ is Dr. Michael Yessis’s secret formula for making professional and amateur athletes the best at what they do. What bionics did for The Six Million Dollar Man, Dr. Yessis can do for you, he can rebuild you, he has the technology to make you better than you are now, better, stronger, faster. Dr. Yessis won’t teach you how to throw, run, swing, catch. He’ll teach you how to do it better, stronger, faster.
When you watch the Olympics you’ll see some of his students using his techniques as they go for the gold.
For more than three decades Dr. Yessis has taught biomechanics as a Professor at Cal State Fullerton. He was the first to show the relationships between muscular strength and endurance, muscle and joint movements and exercise science. As President of Sports Training Incorporated, Dr. Michael Yessis specializes in training professional and amateur athletes for explosive speed, quickness and strength.
Dr. Yessis can help you to be the athlete you always wanted to be. For advice and information on sports training & fitness to help you bring your A Game every time and to see Dr. Yessis’s full biography please visit: www.dryessis.com

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