Diabetes & High Blood Pressure Tips (For a healthier you...)


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My Journey with Diabetes & High Blood Pressure A few years ago... My doctor said I was pre-diabetic. Six months later... I was told that I had high blood pressure. Today... I manage both my diabetics and high blood pressure with just diet and exercise. My AC1 is just a few points shy of being non-diabetic and my high blood pressure is almost gone. My program, 'Healthy Moments Radio' on www.GtownRadio, this website, and my social media pages are all meant to share my journey in managing my high blood pressure and diabetics with just diet and exercise. These diseases are NOT the death sentences they once were. Once I learned that I could reverse and manage these health conditions with appropriate medical care, diet, and exercise I was on my way to a healthier me. Check out my podcasts and radio program on GtownRadio for tips on managing your Diabetes & High Blood Pressure ~ Renee Here's to a healthier you!

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