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VAT in Europe for Amazon Sellers How VAT varies across Europe - with Simply VAT's Alex Wyatt and Louise Brossemart VAT is a European Union -created tax. So that means that it's exactly the same rules and tax rates across the whole EU, right? Sadly, nothing in tax is ever that simple, and VAT is no exception. While all EU countries have to follow certain basic principles in their VAT on products, there is a variety of tax rates (the lowest being 17%; the highest 27%) and regulations. However, it's still true that Europe and the UK (which is leaving the EU but keeping VAT) represents a huge potential market not only of sales - Germany especially is Amazon's second-largest marketplace globally, with 22 Billion USD in sales (2019 figures). So it's worth learning to play the EU VAT game for Amazon sellers! In this episode with the help from experts at Simply VAT, we talk about the points of difference between the EU countries (and UK) regarding VAT - and how to navigate these tricky but potentially rich waters! You'll Learn The main points on which VAT can vary country to country Whether you need a local representative in each country The different kinds of representative you might need How rules differ for Non-EU sellers (eg US businesses) Specifically what you need to do for Germany (by far the largest Amazon marketplace in Europe, including the UK) The varying VAT % Filing requirements differences What "Standard VAT" rates are and the difference to "Reduced VAT" rates How to handle "Distance Selling Thresholds" when selling into one EU country from another one Why getting this correct is now really important What's coming in 2022 from the EU that should be positive for Amazon third-party sellers Resources Mentioned Simply VAT, UK based VAT experts for e-commerce sellers. Watch VAT in Europe for Amazon Sellers with Simply VAT experts

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