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Transcending: :genres, the Passion group mashes and dispenses a fluid night of a party. From mellow trance to heart pounding house, vice versa and in between, Passion brings the beautiful and discerning friends of the dance floor on a night out of an immersive party. Passion Fanpage - Passion Podcast - - iTunes Passion Contact - Passion Bio Benesia – enjoys the trip and shares the progressions of his selections like shades of colours wavering in the dark of the dance floor uplifting the room. The dude, every person’s kind of a gentleman, brings with him a relaxed endearing mood from his social network, to the lounge, to the console, and to the dance floor. Prince of house – Razaq dishes groovy sexy choons to the delight of gals and guys prancing in love, acquaintance and harmony. The life of the party, hairdo maestro Razaq, goes round impressing with his headgear, new every other gig, gets the mood right for the night before he sets off to amaze the crowd with muse and merriment. Sher – Sir Cool, Mr Poster Boy, is notorious for his groundbreaking tech house beats driving a shufflin' in the crowd. Sher is Mr Cool guy, yearning of pals, desire of gals. Man of few words kills with frills. Journey with – Aloysius Ho as he bows to his make of progressive mix that has set friends whooping and strangers smiling. Almost beng, and a novelty, Aloysius gets emotive and rouses the atmosphere a-lively off console and on.

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