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Native of Casablanca, Morocco, Adil Hiani begins the art of "Turntablism" at the age of 13. His cousin "DJ Key" teaches him how to mix with vinyl on Old School Hip-hop music. As time goes by, Adil will give up Hip-hop for electronic music. As of 2006 his interest for Techno music intensifies, while trying to deepen his musical knowledge, he dedicates most of his time to producing and researching in order to progress. End of 2009 he begins to collect rewards from his work by joining the French-Moroccan label COSMO records, where he currently works closely as “A&R” together with the co-founder, Laurent Grumel. The label has for concept to make merge electronic and acoustic music. Various artists have already signed with the label, such as: Masomenos, Pier Bucci, Argenis Brito, Nima Gorji, Philip bader... Today, he is the key artist of the label and contributes to his development. To promote the label, Adil creates its own broadcast on Ibiza Global Radio and on the other platforms s

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