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YOU NEVER HEARD OF THE PANICROOMSHOW ? Well PRS just happens to be the funniest show in the world... well not quite but we do try. is a live comedy radio show that features on air talent such as KaySee (Producer), Leeroy (Host) and any other poor soul that drifts or gets dragged into the PanicRoom. This show is not like any normal comedy show, OHHHH NO!, when live we broadcast a live video feed so the viewers can see our misfortunes as they happen so they feel like they are actualy there with us. We give a hands on feel to the PanicRoomShow as we are not just a sit down and tell jokes kind of show. We have different segments in the show such as "The Mystery Box", "Product Endorsement" and many other challanges and pranks that arise whilst on air. We are an interactive show where the viewers can email and call in via skype or phone where general talk and questions will be answered on air. If you miss the show, There will be a Audio podcast up within 1 hour of the show's finnish and the video podcast will be up within 24hours. We are live every Sunday From 18:00 to 20:00 BST (British Standard Time).

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