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Originally from Switzerland, Divago has traveled the world and been inspired by many different cultures and musical tendencies. More than sixteen years ago, he moved to New York City where he discovered the exciting Manhattan nightlife and its extravagant fusion of styles. Getting to know various Djs of the hippest clubs of New York City, he quickly got hooked to the art of deejaying. During those years, he also developed a new passion for Electro-World Music and its fusion of melodies and instruments from around the planet. In 2005, Divago moved to Ecuador where he lived for almost 10 years. He quickly became renown in the electronic scene, playing at different venues and events around the country such as Lost Beach Club (Montañita), Frodia, the White Party. He became resident dj at Colors Disco where he played for more than 6 years, and created & hosted a weekly night of Ethnic House named 'Karmadelic' in one of the most renown lounge in Guayaquil - La Paleta. Later on, Divago started hosting his own radio show 'The Divago Effect' on the only American radio in Ecuador, playing the newest House & Dance records from top charts. Divago also became known in the world of fashion, becoming the official dj at Ecuador Fashion Week, and playing at important fashion shows around the country, bringing new and fresh house beats on the runways. In 2013, Divago moved to Santiago (Chile) looking to expand his career on the electronic scene. His club style is a mix of Tech-Prog-House & Funk-Electro-Dance Music, depending on the venue. From nights of pure House music, mixing Progressive with Deep and Tech, to nights of commercial crowd-pleasing dance hits, Divago always surprises his crowd with original sets to maintain good and positive energy on the dance floor. His lounge style, on the other side, is a mix of World-Fusion, Funky-Jazz House Music, combining chillout sounds with ethnic flavors such as Arabic, gipsy, African and Asian rhythms, an ideal combination to escape the everyday routine and start the night before hitting the clubs. Always on the lookout for new music and future club bangers, Divago brings the ultimate remixes from the USA and Europe directly to the clubs and makes sure the crowd doesn't stop dancing until the early hours of the morning.

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