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This pod cast is the first in a series that will demonstrate the Yang form of Tai Chi as taught by Sifu John Vihilidal of Escondido Kung Fu and Tai Chi. This first pod cast will demonstrate the 1) Chin Li or Salutation, 2) Wind Waving in the Grass, 3) Holding the Great Cauldron, 4) Pressing and Grounding to the Center of the Earth, 5) Seven Star, 6) Shoulder Roll with Tai Chi Press and 7) Touch Pulse. Simu April Vihilidal, as instructed by Sifu John Vihilidal, demonstrates these first seven moves from four sides. Sifu John Vihilidal films close ups on the feet and hands for the interested practitioner. Start practicing these simple moves of Tai Chi and gain the benefits of a body in balance, an emotional state of peace and a mental state of clarity. Visit Sifu John at

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