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What is is an online podcast station that utilizes tools from, to provide opportunities to individuals to experience live podcasting shows. Why does Psycho Society exist? is a network of individuals who want nothing more than to make podcasting an enjoyable experience. From the very beginning, Psycho Society was created by people who seek to strip the fun from podcasting, by making it more of a chore than its intended purpose. We don’t do podcasting shows to make a living out of it; we do it for the pure joy of it. How could you join Psycho Society? PsychoSociety is always looking for new psychos to join the chaos; all you have to do is follow the steps below! • Have a unique show, or a show idea. • Have a day/time in mind to do your show • Have an understanding of our policies • If you have a pre-existing show, include an average for your monthly live listens • Include a brief description of your show & hosts on your show. When you have all of those, email us at, and we’ll be in contact with you shortly after that!

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