One Word to Live By


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We live in a day and age where there seems to be little objectivity to how we live our lives. The reality is that there is only one Truth from whence we can derive the true source of a meaningful life. His name is Jesus Christ; the Word of God. This Word of God is filled with truth upon truth that God has intended to impact our lives in a very real and powerful way. In fact, Jesus said that He came so that we may have life and that more abundantly. Overcoming the difficult and the mundane aspects of every day life and grasping that abundant life we've been promised by our savior starts with an exploration of the Word of God. I want to invite you to join me on a journey through His word via this Bible Commentary Podcast. There are three things I'm hoping will happen through this Podcast: 1. I want to chronicle my journey through Scripture, and track the amazing truths of God's Word which are forming me, my faith and my future every day. 2. By God's grace, I believe this will be a blessing to those who listen. I trust that through the Holy Spirit's work, what I say here will impact my listeners where they're at and with the very truth they desperately need to hear. 3. I want to provide a medium of encouragement for the saints seeking to dig deeper into the word of God, and for the sinners who need to be confronted with the Word of God and surrender to Jesus Christ. I am praying that you are blessed as we explore the boundless riches of the Word of God, because afterall, there is only One Word to Live By. Intro & Outro Music: (C) Vertical Church Band 2011, (C) Andy Rozier 2010, (C) James MacDonald 2010.

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