11th Hour Radio Episode 1-10-20


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In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss attitudinal variations in drivers who ride your bumper, a habitual inability to iron out some kinks, the nuanced details of “all you can eat”, going off your diet for a breakfast sandwich, the non-scientific basis of egg abstinence, the freezing rain annoyance factor, conjecture as to why Emily smells like cow manure and John does not, what not to do with popcorn, when a brake job is more expensive than dental work, the yoga of successfully enduring tooth repair, an exquisitely timed hand delivery of Chinese food, what might go wrong with white lies, Ira’s missing math chart, the old cow joke, trying to make more laughter, being engulfed by a snow squall alone on the slopes, finding happiness with a kind, old bus driver, the many mysterious aspects of car headlights, when the delivery of car parts is held up by adverse road conditions, a disturbing piece of pizza, the phenomenon of being “too tired” to sleep, encountering a possible ghost while in a half-conscious state, unexplained footsteps, more unemployment at Oscar Meyer, firing up people with headlines, a duplicitous link to more macramé projects, a twisted interpretation of a ridiculous bill, the relative dangers of guns vs. cell phones, nit-picking the lunch money allotment for Vermont legislators, another example of the corrosive nature of jealousy, virtue signaling with electric cars - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Rich Depaolo [One Gun Salute; Sharks; Fourth of July; More of the Same].

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