11th Hour Radio Episode 10-25-19


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In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a longhorn in trouble, how pets might turn lethal, questionable updates on the Lincoln Gap, Gary’s cows, rules for waving to strangers, Lady’s protruding dog’s head, letting go of Halloween, early Christmas, a clown princess, bald headed wigs without hair, recycling shopping malls for homeless shelters, super bitchy wisdom, the deepest fears of aging rock stars, bribery and forced hugs, the swirling universe, John’s random bachelorhood, how to determine the validity of sheep porn, who hears what, shacking up with JFK’s former speech writer, bonding over a Harvard sweatshirt, the deeper meaning of bagging groceries, focusing your OCD, using boxes to manage your obsessions, a drafty gap in your pants, a courtesy call from the credit card company, being scammed at the Laundromat, why hairdressers use puns, Doggie Style, a word that means super relaxed, what is up with gender specific sheds and caves, nostalgia for libraries, dens and studies, saying goodbye to common childhood diseases, the ins and outs of face blindness, encountering people out of context, preparing a nursery then facing the reality of alien babies, Matt’s neurosis, more rock star phobias, anxiety dreams based on underwear choices, knowing when to wash your hands, what dogs roll in, being invaded by unaccompanied meat patties, charring borrowed pans, hugging people you hate, being a pushover, cats who guilt-trip - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: The Highwoods Stringband [Dance All Night]; The Cousins Project [Beautiful Blood]; Martin Van de Vrugt [On My Way].

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