11th Hour Radio Episode 2-14-20


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In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss Boy Scout preparedness, bogus badges, the merits of super-fandom, Chris and Jet walking the UK, pony riding, letting go of Friends, my whining vs. your whining, a Grammy Sammy fake-out, avoiding others thru needlepoint, fetishizing the old, whether or not Butch is a geezer, the codger question, scaring up Old Dickerman, when apple crisp comes in handy, the art of being a one man show, exposing children to some ‘cussin’, a confusing gas pump situation, truck envy, a quick analysis of “space potatoes”, a lucky pizza for Vermonters, unpacking meth labs, living in a state of drug ignorance, too many jello shots, accidental damage to the barn floor, Valentine’s Day at the Wagon Wheel (with Four Play), in the days before we had sponsors, when a teen idol inspires sardonic humor, the ins and outs of refrigerator lights, small ovens, a pick-me-up for singles, thankless vs. vital occupations, feeling gushy, bazillion ways to feel deprived, wasting pears, bonding with celery, setting the brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, weird vegetables you won’t like at first, an annoying psychological block, Himalayan salt, the death of phone tag, an extermination campaign, your cell phone service expectations, the probability of good things happening, when the moon becomes a white blob, the anomaly of camera inadequacy, what you really saw, capturing memories - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Beth Duquette & Richard Ruane [Last Time You Came Around]; Lori Oz [Roadmap Back to You]; Martin van de Vrugt [On My Way].

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