11th Hour Radio Episode 3-13-20


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In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss looking vibrant, doomsday rain, defining social distancing, a visit from Abe, five stars for local road crews, the possible benefits of eating dirt, family chiropractic, sugar house aromas, luminescent celery juice, dog arthritis mitigation, seaweed hoarding, alternative toilet papers, easy dinners thanks to rice, ordering bulk Fruit Loops from Canada, how to have different opinions in a civilized way, taking charge of yourself, a return to long underwear, a multitude of pandemics, reinventing America, being mistaken for a gay couple, a contemplation on acorn flour, new drinks for sanitization, eating pets, dating in times of quarantine, space maps of China, misinformation on pangolins, being slowed down by turkeys, theories about the cabal, microwave internet technology as modified weaponry, fear of being disconnected, Emily’s anxiety about saying “like” too much, adapting our speech to our surroundings, early spring shoots, dissecting pruner parts, collecting ax and shovel handles, feeding the soul with crafts, apocalyptic window washing, dog nose & slug smears, grocery store tulips, heralding the return of bees, drama at the cat bowl, a bad day for potato chip bags, stupidity vs. evil, the many sides of a person, a terrible week, irresponsible neglect of paying membership dues, burning furniture as therapy, peeling wars with squash, post-kitten mind sets - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Lewis Franco [All in Stride]; Lori Oz [Rock Bottom Blues]; David Carpenter [Pays De Haut/Gal With A Blue Dress/Pointe Au Pic].

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