11th Hour Radio Episode 7-5-19


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In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss dysfunctional jacks, an enigmatic lava lamp, the tomboy days, Lady’s loss of hair, a love story about the Milky Way, similarities between cats and cows, dangers of driving with the windows down, why Emily was seen wandering ditches in a Victorian ball gown, the ins and outs of “pocket uncles”, ordering personalized jigsaw puzzles, an unfortunate costuming oversight, having boobs for the first time, the current height of corn, a bogus theory about insects, an unexpected week of social delights, buttery lilacs filled with bees, what a mosquito feels, how good stories nourish, replacing the July 4th holiday with a strawberry celebration, swapping out tanks from parades, a Trump quote gone awry, the fallacies of written history, a revolutionary girl named Sybil, stubby fingered mandolin playing, two essentials for living your life, mean comedians, funny back-stabbers, hanging out with boys, sports vs. athleticism, what happens when you mess up, when your relatives stop drinking, a cocktail party in Weston, police on the prowl, utilizing the back roads to drive home drunk, a disappointing performance from peanut butter, listening to the voices in your head, an argument about the loser sign, pretending to have fun - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Val McCallum [Deal With It]; The Cousins Project with Steve Mayone and Kristina Stykos [Rescue Me]; Chris Kleeman and Malkum Gibson [Midnight Special].

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