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Andrew says that radio was always the main entertainment medium during his childhood, being introduced to both music and drama by his mother. But it was whilst listening to the great broadcasters on the offshore radio stations of the 1960s that he made up his mind that he wanted to join them, much to the chagrin of his parents whose hopes for future employment did not include becoming a radio DJ on a boat! But radio would have to wait as Andrew actually became a salesman, but still spent much of his spare time listening to Radio Caroline whilst collecting many of the records he'd heard being played. Many years later his search for business took him to Southend where to his surprise he found the Ross Revenge moored at the end of the pier. He later volunteered his services to Caroline where he was asked to organise some revenue from local businesses to cover the cost of a Restricted Service License for a low power special broadcast. When Caroline's satellite era started from the Maidstone Studios, Vinters Park at the end of the 1990s Andrew was asked to do some light engineering and answer the phone. This led to his first show as a presenter after somebody else failed turn up and he has been with the station ever since. He concludes 'I was smitten, and to this day am privileged to be working for Radio Caroline, even though it took me thirty years to achieve my ambition!'

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