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Stefane's music roots run deep. He grew up in a musical household where his older brother, a vinyl enthusiast during the Golden Era of Hip Hop and R&B, exposed him to a wide array of music 24/7. Initially, the steady stream of music coming from his brothers speakers was more of a nuisance to Stefane than anything else, but eventually he became intrigued and found himself analyzing all of the layers and nuances in the music that he hadn't noticed before. Eventually, Stefane began exploring a variety of new and interesting sounds on his own and decided to try his hand at DJ'ing. He appealed to his personal friend, DJ Chris Thomas, founder of QALOMOTA, who mentored Stefane and taught him everything he knew. His experience with both hip hop and house music styles enabled him to combine quality song selections with smooth transitions during his sets. Today Stefane's favorite styles to spin are Classic Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, R&B, and Deep/Afro/Vocal House Music. Now his larger purpose as a DJ is to introduce new, exceptional and rare music to a broader audience; push boundaries by genre bending and using a variety of dj'ing technics and last, but not least, what's most important for him is to create an amazing experience for his audience that combines quality music with exceptional skill. Instagram: @iam_stefane_b Booking:

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