13 Nightmares B-Reel No.3: How It All Began


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Hey everyone! We haven’t forgotten about you. 13 Nightmares is alive and well; we’ve just been rolling with the punches and trying to get our current schedules lined up to record new episodes. And, after talking for a bit, we realized we never actually posted our “Introductory Episode” for this show. We recorded a special episode back in the Fall, along with our great friends John and Leslie, to help introduce 13 Nightmares, where we discussed what it is about horror movies that’s enthralled us all of our lives and what they mean to us, along with tons of interesting and gruesome facts about some of the most beloved horror movies to ever grace the big (and small) screen. So pack a lunch for this ride 'cause it's gonna keep you glued to your seats! Cheers and enjoy the show! And we’ll see you all real soon with brand new episodes! Join us, won’t you?

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