CrimeWAV Volume 3


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CrimeWAV is a podcast series of crime stories that I’m continuing with the aim of introducing the work of published crime writers, some of the great folks I’ve been able to meet, to the podcast crime audience that I’ve developed with my JACK PALMS CRIME podcasts. I’m doing this for two reasons: I want to bring some of the great work that’s out there by people in the crime writing scene to the crime listeners I’ve developed with my podcast series–I want to give my listeners more great crime content– and I want to help the crime writers I’ve met get their work into the podcast realm so they can benefit from what I think is a great promotional opportunity in podcasting and get more readers/listeners. Basically, it’s a win/win: I’ve got an audience that wants more crime stories and I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great crime writers who are happy to get more exposure via the web and podcasts. As I’ve been really lucky and successful to get in on podcasting early, I want to help other writers use these tools to promote their own work. I started podcasting my first crime novel, JACK WAKES UP, back in July of 2006. From there it’s been a great ride to the Amazon charts, getting an agent, and selling JACK WAKES UP to Three Rivers Press. Along the way, I’ve been podcasting like crazy, putting out: Jack Palms II: This is Life, JACK PALMS 3 (All Caps), and the short story collections A Long Way from Disney I & II. If you’ve been a long time listener, welcome to back CrimeWAV. If you’re new here, have a listen, check things out, and come by to have a listen as well. I’m sure you’ll like what you find. Why not? It’s all free. More information is available at:

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