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Burnt Offerings is a podcast featuring horror movie, and music, news and reviews. Hosts Jared and Steve discuss horror films and whatever bands and releases they have been jamming all while downing a fine selection of cheap beer and malt liquor. Steve is a self proclaimed '80s slasher fan who doesn't enjoy much of anything that came out after 1994. If he's not watching Hide and Go Shriek while downing a 40oz of Mickeys and blasting Fister, then he's probably beating Friday the 13th for the NES in under 20min for the 1,000th time. Jared likes his movies gory, grainy, and with a good amount of sleaze. Anything from '80s slashers, to Italian giallos and Japanese death tapes. He enjoys watching a stack of tapes while spinning records, mostly Japanese raw punk, raw grind, or almost any NWOBHM band, and drinking a few beers. Catch us at a convention in the Midwest.

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