Murder, Alaska


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The Murder, Alaska podcast covers crime, law, and deep state events. In the words of John Judge, you might call me a conspiracy theorist, and in turn I'd characterize mainstream political pundits to be coincidence theorists. I am Leo Helmar, a paralegal currently working for the City Attorney in Juneau and previously employed in the same capacity at the Public Defender Agency. I have been doing long-term research into the Benolken murders, a 1982 double homicide in my hometown of Juneau, Alaska for which I believe defendant Newton Lambert was falsely convicted. I am also deeply interested in the events of 9/11 and the subsequent Anthrax attacks, the Vince Foster murder mystery and all of the other deep state events surrounding the Clinton era (OKC bombing, Waco, Chinagate, and the Mena connection to name but a few).

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