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We spend way too much time talking about the military, veterans, and the transition but felt we weren't doing enough. We wanted to do something a little bit more open and a lot less formal than what's out there. We also didn't feel the need to insert your typical video: You know them; the slow motion video of a platoon on a hike, another jet taking off a carrier, Marines running off an Osprey, etc. We also didn't feel the need to tell veterans or others how valuable their talent is (e.g. "veterans bring discipline to the table" "service men and women have the leadership skills that so many organizations are looking for") If you served, you have unlimited resources to help you transition and plenty of people to help make you feel like you have something to offer on the outside. The truth is, despite all that, it's still hard. Very hard. We get it. So, how could we give back? We both have endless stories of our friends and acquaintances who've "made it" on the outside we decided to just talk to them. That's it. It's a phone call or an email that turns into a drive or a flight to you in your element and an ensuing conversation. We want others to see how your experience has been in management consulting. We want to see what going to class is like being surrounded by 18 year olds. We want to others to see how long and easy/hard it was to start your own business. We want others to see what organization you're with that helps veterans in very specific ways. So, it starts now. Our first interview was complete less than 4 weeks after coming up with the idea and there will be many many more to follow. Enjoy, like us, and share the page if you can!

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