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Going Rogue is a goofy actual-play D&D campaign where a party of all Rogues enter pitched combat against their most deadly foe yet: the consequences of their own wildly irresponsible decision-making. Join Zach McGuirk, Demitrios Feredinos, Austin Remington, Talon Jennings, and Andrew Elmore as everything goes totally great all the time and nothing bad ever happens. Expect plenty of spoofin' & goofin', set to an entirely original musical score. Sometimes Dungeons & Dragons even happens. One thing we can promise is that the audio quality improves dramatically after a few episodes. Follow us on Twitter at @GoingRogueShow! Or don't. I'm a podcast, not a cop. I'd have to tell you if I were a cop. Send your totally helpful and constructive feedback to goingrogueshow@gmail.com!

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