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schooled. is an American English podcast in which five high school aged teenagers talk about anything. Literally anything. The personalities featured on this program are very good friends who want to have a good time anywhere they go, including on the air. Topics will range from theme park rides to conversations about recently released movies or Netflix series. This program features five different personalities, and another one or two may pop up from time to time. Our programs goal is to make its audience laugh, cry, and anything else that comes with a conversation with five high-schoolers. The content of this show may not be suitable for all ages. Please screen the program if you’re skeptical about its contents. Below are the terms of listening. Essentially, don’t screen record our content and post it, or re-upload it somewhere else as your own content. If you do so, you’ll be flagged and your upload will be removed. This program and its contents are copyrighted by Platinum Media. Any reproduction in any form of this content is strictly prohibited unless you are given expressed written permission by TJ Jennings, the producer of this program. Failure to comply with this policy will result in consequence. Podcast powered by Spreaker. Go to

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