An Uncommon Dialogue


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Flerida from Healing Networks is a Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive + Psychic Medium who does energy readings for people all over the world via video chat. Offers personalised coaching to those wanting to enhance their intuitive gifts and develop their natural talents. 'An Uncommon Dialogue' is a storytelling platform, for all sorts of creatives, healers and game changers who discuss their chosen line of work, passion, drive, life lessons, plus challenges... whilst dropping little 'gold nuggets' of insights & wisdom. ✨ The PodCast channel is an extension of an online Facebook community, & support group that works from Sydney, NSW all the way to Gold Coast, Qld. 'Healing Networks' aims to brings a collective of liked minded people together. A healing business, which encourages a wide range of motivators to inspirers, collaborate, share stories to empower people from all over the world. 'An Uncommon Dialogue' enables an unscripted, raw & authentic conversation with guest speakers about their lives, projects, challenges & lessons learnt along their journey - with the hope to inspire our audience. The objective of this project to raise awareness in any way shape or form, with the aim to spark 'food for thought' & offer people hope to know that they can achieve their dreams too. At the end of the day we are all human & all go through similar challenges in life. The only way to "Heal" is to "Awaken". And only through awakening can we make change.

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