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My name is Chef Kirsten Helle Sandoval and I am the founder of Mesa de Vida. Welcome to my podcast - Table of Life! Taped live from our Facebook Live episodes Thursday mornings. You'll hear the sizzle, pop and fizz of mimosas, hope you don't mind. ;) Food is nourishment but it also is the cornerstone for nurturing family, culture, community and tradition. The table is where LIFE HAPPENS, memories are made, stories are shared, values are passed on, and the place where many friendships are forged. I want to share the stories of women in food that inspire me; healthy cooking tips and recipes; journey’s through health, wellness and a glimpse into the life of a foodpreneur and/or mompreneurs. Most importantly I want to extend a seat at our table to you, so pull up a chair and join us! Find more information at!

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