Twilight Imperium: Renegades


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Nathaniel leads Richard, Kirk, Filip, and Chris on a journey around the Twilight Imperium Universe, letting them make their own way.

Original story written by Nathaniel Keefer

Produced by Richard Jellison

Setting inspired by Twilight Imperium, as created by Christian T. Peterson.

T.I. Fourth Edition is on the market. It's a great time.

Tabletop System used is an adapted version of the 2012 "Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire".


Nathaniel as "Our Merciful GM" and others

Richard as "Q.B. Fox," the hotshot pilot.

Kirk: "Captain Kattix," the Captain.

Chris as "Divides By Zero," the mechanical muscle.

Filip as "Bug", the wrench.

Music is by

Main songs used are "Vast Space," "Frozen Foot," and "Breakneck Subway."

This Podcast is slighty NSFW, if only for some strong language!

37 episodes