Margaritas & Donuts, episode 1: Sideways


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MARGARITAS & DONUTS is a limited series romcom about dating over 40. Josephine, a pediatrician, is pretty unlucky romantically. With a little coaxing from her best friend Katrina, Josephine starts a relationship with Malik, an ophthalmologist that works in the office across the hall from hers. Malik is exactly what Josephine needs, but she doesn't quite realize it...yet.

CAST (season 1)

Danyelle Ellett as Josephine Tavius Marshall as Malik LaQuita James as Katrina Luke Ison as Ron Beth Hall as Ellen Matthew Boudreau as Paul Dani McQuinn as Daphne Lillie McQuinn as Lucy Brandon Horton as Eddie Scott Barry as Coffee Shop Owner Lila Ahr as Madeline Anjali Pasupathy as Madeline's Mom Charlene Bayer as Server


Director/Writer - Faith McQuinn Producer - Amanda Lorraine Sound Design and Mix - Joshua Suhy Sound Editing - Faith McQuinn Story Consultant - Joi Chatman Theme Music - bpProductions Additional Music - The Story Shop and Allen Grey

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