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The Mulberry Lane Show is a music, arts, & lifestyle talk radio show by 3 sisters in a band- Rachel, Bo, & Allie Kat. When you tune in, you'll find what you have in common with a Grammy winning rock star or an Emmy winning actress. You’ll hear the philosophies, creative processes, tips, inspirations, troubles and triumphs of those pursuing their dreams. We like to break down walls. We love creating a comfy environment so artists feel safe revealing their true selves. And maybe you'll feel your own creative spark being lit. We love to focus on the things that unite us, not what separates. Our world needs more of this. We admit it, our favorite feeling is warm fuzzies, and nothing makes us happier than hearing that our show inspired you to write that song, pick up that paint brush, or design that dress. It's in our blood to find the harmony and celebrate it. Join the family! Mulberry Lane have been described by Billboard Magazine as “a brand of harmonies so spellbinding, it’s obviously a family affair,” and noted by the New York Post, “born to sing...” They've sold over 600,000 albums worldwide, performed in London, Berlin, Tokyo, NYC, and their music is heard in over 16 countries. They’ve sold out holiday concerts and performed live on CBS, CNN, NBC, and ABC and entertained viewing audiences of up to eleven million. From Good Morning America to NASCAR’S Banquet 400 to the Sugar Bowl, they’ve accumulated lots of frequent flier miles and stories! Born to talk, Born to sing... it's a sister thing.

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