Bo Brothers Getting Educated by Dr. Pat Heist with Wilderness Trail


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Who's kidding whom? You really don't think the Bo Brothers are smart enough to learn even a little from one of the smartest dudes in the Bourbon Industry, do you? Dr. Pat Heist, co-owner with his business partner Shane Baker of Wilderness Trail in Danville Kentucky was kind enough to spend some time with JBow and JimBo while sipping on some fantastic Silver Label Wilderness Trail. Find out some cool things about Dr. Pat, future plans, what he likes doing in his pastime and even his favorite Thanksgiving meal. Sit back, grab some Wilderness Trail and get smart with Dr. Pat Heist and the Bo Brothers. #WildernessTrail #ZellaMay #Slayer #NoNuts #BourbonIsaVegetable #HeritageBourbon #BigBoys

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