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"Donald J. T---p, thy name is violence."

He is, just as our esteemed Congressman Nadler boldly and fearlessly stated, a dictator. And Nadler KNOWS taters, mm-kay?

As the era of violence, racism, sexism, fear and murder of democracy, time-honored norms and vital protocols of policy both foreign and domestic comes to a long-awaited close, we offer a few creative solutions to fuel your personal revolution. Please put them into practice post haste.

We are the RESISTANCE. We are the IRRESISTIBLE FORCE, AAANNND THE IMMOVABLE OBJECT. We embody counterbalanced superlatives, oxymoronic extremes and off-setting penalties. The streets are ours. Why won't they give them to us? Think about it carefully, then go off half-cocked. And get your MIND right.

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