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Covering the two words that dominate the Information Technology (IT) landscape - STEM/STEAM and AGILE. If you are a student, an up-and-coming, a professional or future practitioner: STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art/Design and Math) is the global language and AGILE is the implementation framework used for radical change by innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change agents! Take Ten to Fifteen Minutes every day to Better Understand the Digital Language that will unlock the mysteries of Science, Technology, Engineer, Math + Agile which rule the World We Live In. No One Should Be Content with Ignorance. Ignorance is Ignoring the Opportunity to Learn. Information+Action #ExpressoUrself Email us @ Join Our Network Call Us @ 855-484-6837 #fullSTEAMahead #CoachOnCall #VirtualAgileHelpdesk #AgileSecretsRevealed #TheAgileDiva #AgileTakeOver

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