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UPDATE- Due to the logistical difficulty and expense of recording the SS podcast, we will no longer be making regular content. We are also discontinuing our subscriptions to the Soundcloud and iTUNES platforms. All back content and potential future episodes will be hosted exclusively on our YouTube and FB pages. The Sports Scientists is a podcast designed with the primary intention of having some fun chatting about fitness. If we're offensive, it's all meant in good fun, and we do apologize in advance! Every week, we'll talk about (mostly) fitness related issues and make bad jokes about them. We'll definitely have some actual intellectual content, but the attempts at humor will be much more predominant. Drs. Mike Israetel and James Hoffmann are both sport scientists, and if you're looking for their intellectual work, their social media accounts are where to find links to it. Marcos Rodriguez is a longtime personal trainer to celebrities and business leaders in New York City, and has his ear to the street on current (and usually ridiculous) fitness trends and fads.

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