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It was 2014 when my podcast addiction began. It took over my life. I lost friends, family, all because I couldn’t get enough of this new audio drug! One episode was followed by another and another. The laughs, tears, entertainment, and information provided a rush like I’d never experienced, and I couldn’t stop. It got so bad that I found myself staring into a cupboard full of thousands of dollars worth of headphones, each providing their own unique tone depending on the type of podcast I was listening to. I was in trouble. The hertz…. were hurting.

Then one day, out of the blue, my best friend moved to the other side of the world… It was a blow. I realised I’d been neglecting him for months and that I had to go cold turkey. Was it really my podcast addiction that had caused his abandonment? Turns out no, it was a woman (typical) but I was finally clean of my audio fetish and friends and family started to re-appear in my life.

However I still had the problem of my best friend being overseas… And so we began to talk (via Skype) for hours every month. Philosophy, psychology, music, sports, politics, whatever was on our minds. I slowly realised that we should be recording these life shattering conversations; it was like listening to the worlds greatest podcast, and being on it, all at once! And that’s when my audio addiction came roaring back with a vengeance! The Uncle2Beers podcast was born and today I’m more addicted to podcasts (and podcasting) than I ever was, and I regret NOTHING!

So welcome to the Uncle2Beers podcast. The show where interesting and deep and meaningful conversations happen, sometimes over a couple of drinks, hopefully over many laughs! Featuring me, Matt Jewell, and my mate Sam Brinson, as well as a variety of guests from around the world.

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