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Come hang out & build a life with intention! Melissa is a contagiously positive leader in the field of spirituality & mindfulness with a transformational Life Coaching business. She is passionate about creating a sense of community, bringing together like minded individuals who want to take care of their bodies, build their physical strength and create the confident, abundant Beautifully Built life they've always dreamed of. As a Self Compassion Specialist, Melissa's mission through the Beautifully Built Podcast is to inspire transformational change in people who need to focus more on appreciating the body they were blessed with while repairing & strengthen the relationship they have with themselves. Melissa offers 1:1 Coaching through her program Heal, Create & Elevate. She also has a wildly popular 12 Week Mastermind Program, Brightest Light specifically for ambitious women who want MORE out of life but have some deeper healing & mindset shifting in order to feel their most full, whole, worthy and abundant. Please connect with Melissa on Instagram-- She is an instagram story enthusiast and loves making new connections through direct messages.

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