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Have you ever seen a ghost? Maybe seen a Shadow Person from the corner of your eye? Perhaps heard the woods get quiet, and have a chill run up your spine? Or wondered how a Physic can use their gifts to find the lost and bring them home? Sysco has been interested in finding out more about these and other elements of the uncanny, since her early childhood when she saw her first ghost. So many of us have had our interests stirred in the same way. In this podcast she looks at these things from the perspective of those who have seen a UFO, had a run in with a Dogman, or live through the horrors or amazement of a haunting. Interviewing Paranormal Investigators and talk about their findings, taking a walk with a medium through a haunted house to ask the ghost why it is there, or find out what its like when something you see, looks back at you! We do our best to keep it real here and not sensationalize the stories. They are pretty darn sensational all by themselves! So if you have seen a Cryptid, wondered if Elementals and Time Slips exist. Or just interested in the wonder of the supernatural, this is your podcast! If you have guest suggestions, or a true experience you would like to tell us about, please email us and we may read your story on a future episode, or perhaps you could be our guest!

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