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Hey friend - I'm Carrie! TV Host, producer, and all around curious person. Most of all I'm someone who is stuck between driven and motivated while building an empire, and let me sit on the couch and read People magazine and watch Netflix all day. For so long, I thought I had to be one or the other, but never both. So I made this space where people like me could feel safe to exist as both. On Tuesdays I interview my talented and creative friends doing cool things in their life and we chat about the messiness of being a human and finding our way amongst the ups and downs of life. On Friday, I recap all of the latest and greatest in pop culture news for the week. Giving you equal parts purpose and passion to fuel your biggest endeavors, and mindless news and trash TV to mellow you out after a long day of being a boss. I'm glad you're here! Get comfy cause it's about to get Candid!

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