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There's ALWAYS room to grow, whether that's the relationship we have with ourselves, others, or our attitude. Host Emily Gough is a podcasting & business coach, mental health advocate, perpetually curious, and always asking more questions to learn how to continue to grow. Here on the Room to Grow Podcast, Emily is going deep into big topics like relationships, mental health, business, confidence, lifestyle, personal development and entrepreneurship, and being open, honest and real about how to learn from tough lessons along the way when life throws you into the unexpected. Together with the incredible guests on the show, you’ll leave with tangible tips and strategies that will empower you and change the way you look at the world along with how you show up for yourself, every single day. For all info, free resources, daily tips and more, SHOWNOTES: INSTAGRAM: @emilygoughcoach FACEBOOK: "Emily Gough Coaching"

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