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Job Story is a podcast about working hard... and hardly working. It documents my job history and job search and yours, with a special focus on Bad Bosses, Crazy Co-workers, F'd up Freelance, Garbage Gigs, Tepid Temps and Toxic Teams.

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Job Story comes to you from broadcast and podcast professional Chris Tsakis, with 30-plus years on both sides of the mic at CBS, NPR, SiriusXM and WNYC. Chris is a Creator, DJ, Engineer, Host, Idea Engine, Podcaster, Producer and Writer.

A legitimate "Jack-of-All-Trades", Chris also has a broad base of knowledge skillfully employed as a host and program producer. He understands the technical and structural process that goes into making audio content but also has the cleverness and creativity to put that knowledge to good use. As a host, he's smart, funny and engaging - but he has the capacity to see more of the 'big picture' than many folks who work behind the mic.

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