What Culture Could Be


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Successful entrepreneurs may start with a great idea -- but they succeed because they enable innovation, stellar results, alignment to the mission, and a willingness to go into battle together. They win by creating amazing cultures. Great cultures drive exceptional business results, not the other way around. In that way, culture can change the way we work -- and the way the world works -- for the better. On this podcast, guests will share best practices and big failures, from startups to Fortune 100. You’ll learn simple ways companies around the world have optimized people practices to get big results, what great teams do to win, and how executives create workplaces that are hard to leave. Each episode features an interview with a founder or executive, a practitioner, or thought leader discussing topics like: employee experience, company culture, rewards and recognition, employee engagement and productivity, employee retention, core values, employee appreciation, incentives, diversity and inclusion, women in leadership, HR trends, performance management, work-life balance, workplace friendships and connection, talent management, collaboration, health and wellness, training and development, and more.

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