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Sausha is way more than just an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer... Soon-to-be mom of 3, wife, adventure junkie and animal lover, Sausha spends most of my days caring for others and trying to ‘balance’ all of the roles we as women tend to take on. Over the years she has discovered how to find alignment in life and make time for the things that matter most to me so you can avoid the ‘someday when’ conversation we all have with ourselves. Sausha is a Law of Attraction and Manifestation Expert, she has been featured on television and podcasts such as Fox 44, Fit to be a Mama, Same Boat Huddle and more. She's taught hundreds of women how to overcome their biggest fears, gain clarity on their deepest desires, create time for themselves and have more FUN so they can truly live the abundant, fulfilled life of their dreams. As a psychology major, law of attraction expert, energy healing intuitive life coach, Sausha brings all of her expertise to her listeners just like you from all over North America. Take a deep dive with Sausha into what’s holding you back so that you can MANIFEST YOUR DREAM LIFE. Your time is NOW and you don’t have to do it alone!! Follow Sausha on Instagram @sausha.davis or join her newsletter for the most up to date events, retreats and coaching programs.

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