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A climate change comedy podcast about gardening. What’s funnier than our extinction? This podcast. Let's contemplate collapse, societal breakdown, dropping out of dominant culture, the death machine, and business as usual. Lonely? Scared? Tired of gluing your hand to a bus only to see the driver speed away? Break up with Christmas only to be told YOU’RE THE CRAZY ONE? Frustrated by constantly seeing that water bottle you bought, wrote your name on then recycled, wash up on the shore? Do you want out of the first world but know the third world is a different bad? Try the second world with us! If you stare at the sun long enough — and go through that fire — all that’s left is comedy. “Dystopian ‘Prarie Home Companion.” “Radioactive ‘Kids in the Hall.’” “Black Belt Gardening.” “Eddie Murphy ‘RAW,’ but for preppers.” Through episode-spanning sketch comedy, parody commercials from 2075, and impressions of today’s supposed leaders, we tend to eco-grief, traffic in dark ecology, and treat our collective pre-traumatic-stress, with laughter. And plants. Of many types. Like Weed. And heirloom kale. And Peyote! And atomic tomatoes. And psilocybin. Or. OR! Ayahuasca. “There’s more to the human experience than what can be seen through the lens of the market or the state.” - Dougald Hines Maximum Carbon Sinkhole is a climate change comedy podcast full of science fiction eco-commentary, for those who know we’re fucked. Or who are at least: "we're fucked curious." Hosted by KC & JP, a couple who used to buy shit and live in a big house, now getting self-reliant, walking around the woods, and talking into microphones. Featuring JA from the UK, occasional interviews with climate change authors, artists, or activists, and other regular correspondents, like you.

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